Hearing Hero in Israel

Amplify your hearing without spending thousands for more often than not ineffective treatments – order Hearing Hero today and enjoy premium quality on a budget!

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Hearing loss probably is the type of issue that seems so far away until it affects you or your loved one. It could happen all of a sudden due to external causes. There can also be a scenario where you realize one day that your hearing has been slowly deteriorating and you just failed to notice it before. Losing your sense of hearing may often result not only in difficulties communicating, but you can become insecure as well. It could feel like a dead end, especially if you can’t afford expensive healthcare and proper medical treatment. Luckily enough, there is an affordable and effective solution that will help you regain your sense of hearing and return to normal life. It’s called Hearing Hero.

Like a true hero this state-of-the-art hearing aid will restore our hearing in addition to offering you an option to switch between two sound settings and adjust the volume to meet your needs. It doesn’t cost a fortune and yet offers you invaluable benefits.


  • Two sound settings. You can adjust base and treble sounds according to your current soundscape. Switch between “N” and “T” options to get the best out of this experience!
  • Digital sound processing. Hearing Hero converts detected sounds into digital codes and amplifies them in accordance to your sound settings.
  • Loud and clear. Hearing Hero helps you regain your sense of hearing by providing you loud, sharp, and clear sounds.
  • Noise cancelling. Thanks to this feature all unnecessary background sounds are left unamplified so that you can focus on what really matters in that moment.
  • Adjustable volume. Set the amp the way you need it – louder, quieter, somewhat in the middle.
  • Easy to control. You need to be in charge of two things – adjusting volume and switching between two hearing settings. That’s all, just wrap it around your ear and live your life to the fullest again!
  • Comfortable. High-quality soft materials, discreet look, snuggle fit – all you need for maximum comfort.
  • Long-lasting battery. Powered by A13 batteries Hearing Hero sure will give you a long and satisfactory performance before you have to change the batteries again.
  • Affordable. Unlike the majority of hearing aids, Hearing Hero offers you the excellence of a professional hearing aid at a significantly lower cost.


Generally speaking, the Hearing Hero aid mainly works using two main tools. A built-in microphone senses a sound and and then it is amplified to the extent you have set it to. Hearing Hero is behind-the-ear type of a hearing aid, that means the sound is transmitted to a tube which is connected to the earpiece as opposed to the in-the-ear type of such aids. What is exclusive about Hearing Hero, however, is the option to choose between “N” and “T” options. To put it simply, these two options are for adjusting base and treble sounds in order to match with certain soundscapes. Whether you are at a library or at a concert, Hearing Hero has you covered. Not to forget the DSP feature, which stands for “digital signal processing”. This seemingly complicated feature is actually nothing more than sound conversion into digital codes and amplification based on the settings you have adjusted on your hearing aid.


Anyone who has struggle hearing, really. It fits people in any stage of life and is suited for most types of hearing loss no matter the reason. It is old news that two most common types of hearing loss are conductive and sensorineural. Hearing Hero is good for both, although you should take note that some cases of conductive hearing loss require special medical attention and treatment. To elaborate a little bit, conductive hear loss is often an outcome of wax buildup, foreign objects, ear infections, and so on, whereas sensorineural loss is a result of aging, genetics, structural malformations, and exposure to loud noises.


Absolutely! Not everyone can afford expensive medical treatment and that is the sad reality today. Hearing Hero offers a much cheaper and equally effective alternative to enhancing your hearing and bringing your life back to normal. Regaining your sense of sound no longer means sacrificing your entire savings. Hearing Hero is definitely worth a shot!


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Hearing Hero is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.